Matching Formware Values with NanoDLP Values


New to this forum. Just purchased a Shuffle XL. Anybody know how do the values in Nano compare to the Values in Formware?

NanoDLP has the following values

Resin Profile
Name: Thickness: Down Speed: Delay:

Burn Layer
Layers: Cure: Height: UpSpeed

Normal Layers
Cure: Height; Upspeed



You should be able to add the shuffle xl machine from the machines library.
The settings you are talking about are all under ‘print profile settings’.

There might be small differences. But if you wish you could use your own .gcode scripts.

I received the following information about running your own gcode scripts from Phrozen; but it will depend on which version of firmware:

if extend filename is “.phz” ==> our machine will be import the run.gcode file and usage it to default resin profile
if extend filename is “.zip” ==> our machine will ignore the run.gcode file . it’s usage our machine build-in resin profile



Can you describe what values to put for the Phrozen TR250 High Temp Resin?


you would really have to check this with Phrozen if there is no defined profile for this.