Profile for Epax E10 5k (using new .ctb format)


I just received my 5k upgrade kit and the chitubox mainboard now uses a new .ctb file format (as well as the larger print parameters.) You guys were great at getting a profile for the e10 4k up and running quick, any idea when you may be able to get a printer profile for the 5k?



I’ve yet to take a look at it if it can be used. My guess it’s the new board with stronger encryption on the .ctb file from chitubox. So most probably, for now, it can’t be generated by other software because of this.

You can of course still export STL’s with supports and all and slice in chitubox free. Nothing preventing this.

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Our security policy prohibits the installation of chitubox. This was a non trivial factor in purchasing from FormWare. Can you tell me if there is a planned release date for this capability?



The problem here is not with Formware unfortunately, but more because Chitu pulled a bait and switch on everyone, making the chituboards the default controller boards for almost all MSLA machines and then locking them into a new CTB format that at the moment can only be created by their software. They have made some pretense of producing an SDK to share with other slicers, but I am not holding my breath.


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