Support generation difference Formware vs Prusa vs Uniz


Dear formware,

I have noticed huge difference how slicers produce supports. I have tried tuning the formware to make less supports, but still printable, but I had no success. May be you can look at the Prusa Slic3r as it is open source where is the difference.

The result from prusa slic3er is almost identical to what produces UNIZ in their latest version of slicer.


Thanks for this feedback.

This screenshot you are sending; I’m doubting this is dimentionally stable without further support of i.e. the left area. Not saying our algoritm is perfect. Still needs a stability calculation as well.

Our current calculation also makes sure each column is connected to 2 other columns. Hence more crosslinks making a stronger structure. This prevents further instability but as you are right it does add more support beams than other software.


Hi Petr,
If you want fewer supports, have you tried density setting of 25 and tip setting of 0.4?