- Holy heck, Batman!


Prior to, it was taking about 30 mins to write the slice files. Now it’s just a couple of seconds.

WOW! just WOW!


I agree - I had to check the slice in a viewer I thought it had failed it was so damn fast.


Thanks guys. Yes took some months of work…


btw. It’s no lineair dependent in speed on:

  • amount of perimeter to draw

  • number of CPU cores

  • height of your slice image in pixels


I just ran a little test on and 7…
I have this mini:
Gryphinia, pinup.
Loading the main body only (unsupported, skimpy version) and slicing it without doing any supports or anything else, took about 4 minutes for 1025 layers on
Then I upgraded to, loaded the file again and sliced.
Less than a minute.
Next week I’m scaling it up to 2x size and do the supports and everything so that I can print it.


thx for the heads up. Yes it’s much faster.

It just needs 1 more expansion and that is ‘shallow copy’ of parts.
So if you would do say 4 of these models it will be lineary slower.
But if the model is the same it doesn’t make any sense to re-slice.
Working on this for the next release.



Ok wow, just updated from iirc and its a night and day difference! have yall looked at adding a updater in the slicer itself?


yes still on our todo list… auto update; or at least direct download.