"1 object close to border or outside build area"


So I’m getting this no matter what with the new Epax. It happens whenever you edit anything. or don’t. If you send it to zero, it goes away, but if you do anything after that (like open print profiles) it comes back. I’m sure it means nothing? But it also doesn’t necessarily not mean nothing? And previously I’d just send everything back to zero but since I can no longer flatten supports, it sends the lofted stuff on platforms crashing into the platforms (and below zero, for that matter).

We got an update coming out soon? 'cuz this ain’t great.


Yeah I have this same issue. I am adopting the sticking my fingers in my ears and going “Lalalalal” to address it. Which is a long way to say I pretty much ignore it, this is after I have spent WAY to much time trying to figure out what was outside the print area or below the print bed.


Yeah the downside tho is in the past? Formware would sorta fix the problem itself by bumping things back inside the print window, which meant there was a layer of air between the bed and the model. Results were predictably minimalist. So now whenever it gets mad at me my tail gets all bushy.


Yep - it annoys the hell out of me as well and make me nervous, but so far so good in regards to my prints.



I’ve checked it and found what caused it.

The epax machine had some ‘deadzone’ parameters but the section ‘deadzone’ was hidden in the configuration.
However; the logic that checked for items outside would include this amount deducting it from the available build area.

I’ve set our epax machine profiles to the also show the deadzone. (and reset all values to 0mm).
If you dont want to use the build in update functionality you can edit your configfile and enable ‘sectiondeadzone’=true to show these options.

I’ll further update the code to make sure it only calculates these when the section (and thus deadzone) is visible in the config/3dview.

Also we’re moving away from these status bar in the bottom right; towards a status in the 3d view.

Thanks for your feedback!



fyi; how to edit the settings.xml in case you don’t want to use the build in update (and keep printprofiles)

(path in the top, of course with your user)


Thanks, Elco. It seems to be behaving better. I exported my print settings and reimported them which works fine for me.

Something that has bit me in the butt a few times now is that Epax swaps the X and Y axis on the 4k. Your profile doesn’t print until you swap both the dimensions and the pixel count. Figure if you’re in there messing about, might as well mess about all the way:



ah thx. It’s just the X1-4k it seems. Everything else was correctly aligned.