AA + XY offset works wrong


XY offset: +0.5mm

XY offset: -0.5mm
[another Image with bug, that I can’t upload]

Both variants slices bad.




I can’t exactly see from your image what is going wrong there.
How does your model look?

We did add an improvement to how the negative XY offsets are handled in the unioning of curves.
This was generating some negative artifacts in cases where the model was smaller than the offset.
See V1040 just released.



As I understand you made operations in wrong order. You need to shrink layers first and make AA after. That’s why we receive that artifacts.

Negative and positive shrinking both give that effect

My part not small and at pic you see layer with supports (circle - support base)


No operations are not in the wrong order. The 2d anti aliasing works fine.

I think you are using 3d anti aliasing (experimental) in combination with a fixed XY offset.
The vertical line on the left of the image with different shades of gray is typically a line from 3d anti aliasing.
The offsets are probably a positive XY offset to make the object larger.

However; 3d anti aliasing is analysing in XZ and YZ planes of the parts. There is no offsetting at this point for the parts nor is there for these slices. Something to be done, not looked at this yet.
The gray pixels (inner line) is thus coming from the 3d anti aliasing scheme.



Confirmed. It’s 3d anti aliasing + XY offset that causes this effect.
Not sure at this point this is something we can correct. Need to discuss the math this week.