About Photon mono 4k settings


I am using Photon mono 4k.
I tried to print with Formware3D, but the print fails from just after the Bottom (7th layer). The resin sticks to both the print bed and the film.

When I print with the same settings in ChituBox, it prints fine.
What I noticed here is that although the print settings are the same, Formware3D seems to move faster and also has a shorter lift distance. I think this is why it is failing to print.
There must be some problem with the printer settings.
Please check.


Hi Viperz,

It’s a little hard to say without knowing what version of software you are using.
But i would check the print profile settings in the machine setup.
Compare those to what you have in chitubox?
Do you see any difference?

Our print profile configuration dialog shows you a clear image of where which speed/distances apply.

kind regards