Aligning replaced source STL


I’ve been enjoying the “replace file” function, which works flawlessly most of the time. I do my design work in Fusion 360, and typically can save out a modified part as STL, replace it in an existing Formware project, and only have to tweak a few supports to accommodate the changes.

Currently, after making some changes to my file in Fusion 360 and exporting a new STL, the “replaced” file is in a totally different world position, not the optimized angle of the part in the existing file. I haven’t moved or changed the “world” coordinates (that I know of) in Fusion. How can I get this replacement mesh aligned correctly in Formware, or do I have to start over again with a new file?

I was able to manually get it VERY close, thinking maybe I could save THAT as an STL and use it to replace. This was close but it’s about 10mm off on one axis.

Is there perhaps some way to remove the mesh but leave the supports, so I can just manually “connect it up”? This is a pretty complex part that prints beautifully, I really would rather not start again building the supports.


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Summary for other readers:

  • various other software might flip Y and Z axis
  • make sure the location in fusion360 is the same

You can check both things exporting a simple cube to ASCII stl and then checking the coordinates in a text editor. (ASCII stl is readable in a text editor)