Anomalies in Phrozen Transform G-Code Generation


It looks like there are some issues with G-code parameters generated for the Phrozen Transform. I looked at the generated G-codes and this is what I’m seeing:

  1. Z Retract speed controls the lift movement speed for all layers.
  2. Z Bottom speed controls the lowering movement speed for the bottom layers.
  3. Z Lift speed controls the lowering movement speed for non-bottom layers.
  4. Off time between layers has no effect (“G4 P0” is always generated).

#4 seems like an error, but maybe the others are a matter of interpretation. The nomenclature doesn’t match what Phrozen uses. In any case, I can work around 1-3, but I wonder if a change in wording would make those parameters more clear. For that matter, I can work around #4 as well, with a global text change, but I’d rather not have to do that :wink:

Love this product, BTW!


I was given some very helpful information by another Transform owner about the gcode script. I can use it to enable the LED delay.

The other parameters that I thought were unclear are fine, now that I know how to interpret them. I looked at the print profiles documentation, and that also helped…the description still doesn’t seem crystal clear, but there’s no problem, it works as designed!


Ok thanks for letting us know.

It’s generalized parameters which are then applied at each printer.

Mostly you have to look at what you are outputting as gcode and compare that with what the manufacturer of your machine uses. In this case Phrozen. Not sure if they write something about this in their documentation.

With the gcode scripting you can change it anyway you like.
You don’t have to use these parameters; you can also hardcode all values to get the gcode exactly like you need it.