Another Object Reference Not Set to an Instance of an Object


Like my previous submittal, this one happens when I have the Peopoly Moai profile selected. It doesn’t happen when the Phrozen Transform profile is selected. And like my previous submittal, I couldn’t submit this to the online STL repair tool, because it stalls partway through the transfer. For this STL is stalls around 65%.

I don’t have a list of all the STL files that have had this problem with my Moai profile, but there have been a couple others beside the two I submitted. Any help would really be appreciated. I’m at the point where I am going back to using Asura for Moai slicing. It tends to crash as well, but for different reasons, and I can usually get a print from it eventually.

Edit: If there is more information needed, let me know and I’ll get whatever info you need to help diagnose this.



See other answer. Should be fixed by adding GCode lineformat: G{0} F{0} X{3} Y{3} Z{3} E{4}

Has been fixed in code and will be done automatically next release.