Anycubic Photon Mono X 6K


Will you be adding a printer profile for the new Anycubic Photon Mono X 6K or is it possible to adjust the Mono 4K profile to this printer? Maybe just change the number of pixels or are more changes required?



I had a quick look; it seems like they added some extra variables.
UVTools already included it; so i hope i will be able to do so upcoming week.
Just finished the CTB SDK implementation and variable layer height options.




I’ve just uploaded a version of the installer that has the newer anycubic formats as well.
Implementation according to how UV Tools did it; not tested on actual machiens but photonworkshop seems to read them fine and our internal read/write tests passed.

Any feedback appreciated.



I’ve had some layer shifts here and there from time to time, though I hear that it can happen when using the included USB stick, which I have. I’ll try using one of my known good USB sticks (I have two Kingston Datatraveler USB 3.0 flashdrives I only use for Windows installations) and see of that helps. if I keep getting layer shifts on my Mono X 6K, I’ll let you guys know


I had to wipe out the Windows install from the USB drive, DO NOT format in anything other than Fat32, the printer does not recognize the format otherwise


Yeah this is a known thing that we also encountered here… often these chinese machines only work with Fat32


wonder what’s with the included USB drive in these things, the issues I had just stopped by replacing it


Hi, complete beginner here, and I am having a problem with my ANYCUBIC pro, which I bought from here last month.
When I start a print, it starts up all fine but no filament comes out of the nozzle. I don’t think this is an issue with any blockage or anything like that, due to the fact that if I manually turn the cog that is used to feed filament through, it comes through. I have managed to print a little bit by sitting by the printer and doing that, but of course that is really not the ideal situation. I would appreciate any help as I feel this is my last hurdle to overcome before I can start doing things properly.


Hi Fredli,

This is a forum mostly about DLP and resin printing. So not so much FDM…
I’m not able to help you with that.

kind regards