Anycubic Photon Z lift and retract speed positions changed in 1.0.4?



Was the Z Lift speed and Retract speed variable positions for Normal layers in the Anycubic Photon pwmx slice outputs changed in the latest version? I’m testing with a Photon Mono X.

If I am not completely wrong they had been mixed up in previous versions of Formware, at least in in my slice settings I’ve had to set the variables the other way around for it to show correctly in Photon Workshop. In the latest version (1.0.4) it seems to have been changed. I’ve attached some screenshots with comparison of lift speed settings as they are shown in Photon Workshop for a file sliced with the same settings in the old and new version of Formware. I have not changed anything in the Formware slice profile.


Yes it’s corrected as it was switched and we did change the text labels in to more descriptive texts (peel/back in resin) but i noticed when updating these formats last days that it was still outputting it switched. I’m sorry i should have written it down somewhere.



i think off the bat most values are equal… that’s why i figured for the majority of users it would not matter… guessed wrong ;S