Are video tutorials coming?


I haven’t bothered you in almost a year, so I’m wondering how the video tutorials are coming.
All the best.



You are 100% right. We’ve been failing a bit on that end.
It’s been a year with lots and lots of development.

As a matter of fact; we’ve setup a filming PC here in the office and installed all software couple months back.
Just didn’t get to filming.

Upcoming week we’ll be doing the final testing for V1038.
I’ve scheduled in some time for documenting new features in video; as I’ve noticed over the last months that it’s costing more time to explain what different things are doing to all our customers. Can be of course a hint that things are not programmed well… but could also mean education is missing from our side.

Week after that is the formnext tradeshow in germany that we are attending. But i think we should have some new video’s before that online already.

kind regards


I appreciate how responsive you folks are. Thank you and all the best.


Thank you, thank you, thank you…

Now, maybe showing how you add supports manually? :grin:

Again, thank you


They are coming.
Had to finish the current release first.


You are appreciated :slight_smile: Thank you.