Assign custom Hot Keys


Hi there.
I’m thinking of coming back to Formware after using other slicers for a while. But my workflow relies heavily on hotkeys.
Is there a way to assign hotkeys. I work primarily with a tablet and speedpad so this would be a great benefit.




Yes it’s just been developed. You’ll be able to set ctrl/shift + key or ctrl+shift +key for all commands.
It will be in the next release. I can send you a beta installer if you write use over email.

kind regards


Elco, you have just made my day!
I would love to try the beta. I’ll drop you a line.

Thank you.


Wow! This is the mutt’s nuts!
With the keyboard shortcuts I’m flying through supports and its (almost) fun :smile: This is probably the best software I have used so far for manual supports.

Bravo and keep up the great work.


thx for the feedback!

what combo of shortcuts do you prefer? perhaps I can set them as default. We have little so far on supporting.


I use a speedpad so it makes no difference to me as I can assign them to a single key. Just having shortcuts for me is key so this is a great addition:+1::+1:

If anyone else has suggestions feel free to jump in.


Oh man what a great feature, need it! waves hand


This is also released now. V1038.