Base Plate Support creating islands at border if model has "i" in name


I am sure this is a one off bug that most wont encounter but when generating a contoured base plate support at the default ratio with the “Add model name in border” option checked the base plate is generated in such a way that if you happen to have the lower case letter i in the name of your model it is generated about 10 slices after the border of the base plate support wall has receded. This results in an island wherever there may be a lower case i in the model name.

Easy workaround was to increase the raft wall dimensions. Screenshots attached to better illustrate


Whoa, crazy!

If you’re digging into the raft code, Elco, I’ve noticed that if I have a few models on the bed and auto-support them, the last one (it’s only one) generates without the name, without the lip, and as a rectangle (rather than hugging the perimeter of the part).


Okay, this was a quick fix I think. The font I use is Arial for this. We use it as it supports most if not all asian/non ASCII characters as well. So considering this and the fact that they may cause floating particles in the resin I think it was an important bug to fix :wink:

I’ve placed the letters down a little to it intersects with the base. Additionally moved them inward a bit to prevent the extra pieces coming out on the outside of the bottom slow.
Hope this will be a better balance.

@Trillium, I checked it but could not reproduce so far reliably. Do you have it 100% every time?
The algoritm for finding the exact topview projection has a hickup sometimes and needs work. The rectangle is a fallback. What usually helps is rotating the part a very small bit or moving it.


I’m three for three - so anecdata, but compelling anecdata on my behalf. I’ma punk around some more tomorrow; what sort of diagnostics/deliverables would help troubleshoot things on your side?


I think a .fw3d file or STL (rotate in the correct position) would help.
info at formware dot co with wetransfer is fine.