Big supports issue


Hello, I’m Fabian ad I’m using this Slicer for some months now, but i noticed a wery big issue.
Maybe somebody or a new update can help me and other people to fix this problem.

The problem is:
When I use the auto-support funktion, the generated supports collide with the object and don’t become red, so I past the most of the time to check the object layer to layer for move the supports that are in contact with the objekt and are not red, see the photo below:

So you can see that only one support is red, but a lot of other supports that are in contact with the objekt are not red, that mean that when I print the objekt i need to true away all why is not possible to remove the supports witouth damage the objekt.
I try to change the format of the file or to use an .stl repair tool, but nothing changed.
So I want to ask at the creator of this slicer, if is possible to check the software for try to fix this issue?

And I have another propose, I don’t know if is a possible thing, but I try to ask and explain what I mean:
Is possible to add a funktion that shows only the red supports?, so is possible to modify only the colliding supports witouth search if there are some.
So a possibility to enable or disable the funktion that shows only red supports. When I enable it, the program hide the jellow supports, when I disable it, the program shows the jellow supports.
Let me know if this is a good idea and if this is possible.


Hi Fabian,
We are working on a faster/better intersection checking algorithm to counter this.
You can reduce the chances of intersections by using a longer tip/first beam length.

The feature you suggested already exists: View -> view only intersecting supports
This will only show supports correctly detected as intersecting though.

Kind regards,



Hello, thank you a lot for the reply.
Ah great! I’m happy that the feature is still existing, now I check how it works, thank you a lot!
And thank you for solve the problem of the intersection.
I have tried in the past to make a longer tip, but nothing the results are worst.
Maybe you have a bit less supports that are intersecting with the object, but a too long tip, make the support too weak ant it broken.
I thank you a lot for the reply. Have a nice day.