BUG Might 8K preview image and how to fix it - for developer



just found where is the problem with preview image on Mighty 8K

You have swapped images, when using the SDK. First preview image must be the big preview - 400x300 size image, second image 200x125

I have opened the sliced file in UV tools, switched the preview images ( 1 to 2 and 2 to 1 ) and now the preview on printer is working.

So please fix in in next release, should be easy. Thank you.


Hi Petr,

Thanks for this! I foudn this out as well; but i also concluded that in chitubox export (at least my version) reading back with teh SDK it was also reversed. So it seemed to me as they switched something in the software on the printer, considering there are also users that don’t see anything at all.

Anyhow; i will switch it in the next version with an override.
And they hope that their SDK doesn’t order the images we send it…

kind regards