Can't find .cws export capability for my Monoprice Mini SLA


The Monoprice is supposed to be a clone of the Wanhao D7 (not plus), which is listed as a machine option. The Monoprice Mini SLA isn’t in the machine database. However, at a minimum, the software features page for your product lists .cws export capability (for Creation Workshop) as a feature on your site. I can’t find it. It would make this a heck of a lot easier, as the Monoprice can print the .cws file directly.

A big pre “Thanks!” for anyone that can lend a hand here!


Hi bwanakahuna,

You can set the “job export format” to cws packaging in the machine configuration page under the slice settings tab. Will have a look at adding the Monoprice mini SLA machines to the machine database, it would be great if you could confirm that it works with the cws export format.

Kind regards,