Changing support tip from cylinder to flange for auto-generated supports


I was just wondering how to change the auto generated support tips to generate with a sided flange as opposed to the default cylinder. When I change the option using the quick set up feature it seems to only have an affect on manually placed supports and the supports that are auto generated are generated with cylindrical tips.


At the moment not possible yet.
Aware of it and will put it on the todo list to integrate the selection into the support generation tab. Might save a lot of resin so be worth it.



That would be great!

Does Formware ignore supports when applying its AA? I could imagine that flange supports that are “light” would possibly fail towards the tip if the AA was applied to the support structures as well as the part.


No it does not ignore supports when applying anti aliasing.

Assuming your are using LCD printers, our tests have shown you can’t print with single pixel resolution at LCD screens. So you would always need say 3x3 pixels minimum to create some kind of connection. Then it wouldnt matter if the outside is a little gray and it’s actually 3.5 x 3.5 pixels.
See also the thread about 3D Antialiasing on this forum