Copy a support structure to a new mesh?


I’m running Formware evaluation and liking it so far. Now I’ve made an elaborate support structure around a ring mesh and would like to use the same supports on a new ring. The new ring is nearly identical to the original ring with the same overall size and shape but a slightly different pattern in the surface. So all the support points from the first ring would be valid touch points on the second ring. Alternatively, replace the first ring mesh with the second ring mesh in the first ring+support configuration. Is this possible and if so, how?


Hi Chris,

I think you coudl go 2 ways.
(always make a backup of the project file first)

  1. select the ring, and then go to file -> replace mesh -> import the mesh that should be loaded. This will be placed with the same transformations as the previous ring. This assumes your export has identital orientation/position.

  2. you coudl save as STL, and then save the supports seperatly. Than re-import the support mesh. (you would not be able to edit them) but you would have them as a seperate mesh. Optionally you could then mesh join it with the new ring.

kind regards


Hey Elco

can’t believe it was so easy. I watched every video and browsed all the doc and completely missed the Replace File function. Worked perfectly!!!

The STL export method is useful to know too.