Creality Halot One file format error



There is still the same issue with .CXDLP files for the Creality Halot One printer.
For the Formware 3D sliced file to load correctly, I am:

  1. Loading the sliced file into UVTOOLS
  2. Changing the Exposure Time field to the intended value in TENTHS OF A SECOND. so 2.5s = 25 for example. (I think these fields can not be decimals and that’s why they use a 1/10th of a second unit?)
  3. Exporting to CXDLP V3. since V2 will not work.

This way everything loads correctly in the printer.
Is there a way that you can fix this?
Please let me know if I can help.




Hi Gonzalo,

I need to make some updates to all file formats… so i will take this along as well.
I do my best; but Formnext is coming up (15-18 november) and we have lots on our plate to finish before the show.

kind regards


Hi Gonzalo,

It’s been some time; but i’ve revised the format for what it’s worth.
I’ve added a cxdlp_v3 format that puts the version to 3 and corrected the exposure time by x10.
I’ve also added some logic for the printer model types which seem to be hardcoded in creality machines.
Will be release in 1-3 days.