Creality Halot One Plus - This model does not match the printer


I have a Creality Halot One Plus. I have tried modifying the Creality Halot One profile but my printer keeps saying “This model does not match the printer”. I have viewed the file in UVtools and the model is listed as CL-89L. I have changed the Halot One profile’s resolution and table size settings to match my Halot One Plus, however I cannot find a menu that will allow me to change the model from CL-89L to my model CL-79. How can I change this? Thank you, Martin


I just bought this printed. Was instructed to update the firmware out of the box and no files from any slicer will load. UNREAL. SMH.

The model does not match the printer

What a crock. Returning next week.



I see I never replied to this topic. the initial problem was solved (mrtned69) already a year ago.
Milrad, i’m not sure what you are experiencing. Does it work with the slicer from creality itself? If so; then please email us a file that does work and we will inspect it for you.

kind regards