Delete unsupported islands


Once unsupported islands are detected with the slice job diagnose tool, how can I delete them?


Sorry late answer; noted this post was still unanswered.
It’s currently diagnosis only. You can edit supports and reslice if they need to be solved.

We will make it more ‘pro active’ to warn you before slicing. Makes more sense I think.



May I ask if the implementation of this feature, even in a “simple” manner, can be discussed for addition to the slicer? Even just a setting to black out (turn off) the pixels deemed to be part of the island(s) would suffice for the majority of situations. I noticed my part was orientated in an optimal way, but the generated supports produced numerous (~15) island which averaged <6 pixels each. Might be nitpicking here, but others might have more severe situations.

I really love the ability to edit critical creases and surfaces! What a relief to edit supports based on local features.




Thanks for the feedback.
Yes we are working on optimizing and expanding the options to edit the printjobs.
It’s a large overhaul of the underlying system.

It’s coming.