Does Formware 3d have Linux support?


I apologize if it says it somewhere, but I cant seem to find it but does Formware3D support linux? Mainly referring to Debian/ubuntu support



Currently not.

We are planning for end of year to have a mac/linux beta. Large part of the code base has been rewritten for this.
Linux will be Ubuntu.



Is there any update on when a linux version will be available to beta test? I would be more than willing to provide feedback on functionality in ubuntu



Noted. We’re working on converting hte entire code base. It’s taking a little longer as expected but it’s work in progress. So far we’ve done about 90% of the UI in a way that it would be ‘native’ multiplatform.
As most (commercial) customers use windows it’s not #1 priority but we are working to it with a constant flow.

There is however still a lot of testing to do as we use a lot of image functionality from windows.

kind regards


This is great and I’ve been waiting for this for a very long time!

I can participate to beta test the MacOS version when it will be finished.

For now I have to use a second computer just for FormWare3D, I would love a native MacOS version and from what i gather, a lot of people would buy if there is multi-platform support as there really isn’t anything close to this amazing software.