Drainage hole is shown as "Island"


Hey Elco
I have some strange behavior here. On my current model the added drainage hole is shown
as unsupported island by the island detection feature. I don´t think this is intendend. :wink:
It is not causing any problem, as the drainage hole is sliced correctly, but I just wanted you
to know and see this.
It is a little bit hard to see, but I think you know what I mean.

Best regards, Chris


Hi Chris,

Yes that’s not intented. I will check; perhaps it’s already fixed. Or I only fixed it to incorporate them in preventing the cups… but forgot to exclude them from the island check… probably that :S

I wanted to get away from these ‘artifical holes’ a while back…as they case a lot of if/else statements in the codebase but turned out people are using them.

kind regards