Dual RTX 3090 NVlink - GPU calculations do not work


Hey all,

When NVlink is enabled everything works super slow, HWInfo shows no GPU worload in process.
If disabled it works fine on single GPU.
The problem is switching it off and on disabled by many programs, so basically I have now to physically remove NVLink bridge every time I want to work with Formware



Please provide a bit more information about what you are trying to do.

  • what machine are you slicing for? resolution?

  • why do you use NVLink? (never heard of it before, but I see it’s multi GPU? do you have multiple GPUs?)

  • specify ‘gpu calculations do not work’. Does that mean output is not what you expect? Or it’s just slow but output is correct?

  • Assuming you mean your slice operation on the GPU is slow. It can mean data transfer is implemented slow in the drivers of NVLink. Seems strange to me but i’m not familiar with this system.

  • Have you tried CPU slicing as an alternative?