Elegoo Saturn - Ignoring Movement Settings


I have disabled splitting movement in my slice settings, but the printer still raises the build plate slowly, then quickly the rest of the way. The retract speed in the software also seems to have no impact on the printer’s speed. Is there a hidden setting that is overriding these, or a bug, or am I missing something?


This appears to be at least partially a printer firmware/“Machine Parameters” issue.
But for others looking:
I am still working through the necessary changes to completely eliminate firmware overrides, but I have managed to get rid of some by commenting out some G-Code. The default parameters are available for download on the printer firmware page.


Hi Adam,

Thanks for the feedback information.

So the Elegoo Saturn to my knowledge uses the .ctb file format.
There is no direct GCode inserted in this file. I know because we wrote them ‘from scratch’ ourselves first and now we are using the official CTB SDK to create the .ctb files. So modifying gcode has no effect.
It is completely unclear to me what firmware versions that are for CTB boards. There seem to be a lot…

Depending on the firmware version it can either support these double movements or not. Or default to some default that I don’t know of.

Does that help?

kind regards