Elephant Foot settings


I am new to the slicer but am loving it. I am having an issue with elephant foot problem. Can I get some guidance on what settings to edit to prevent it? Fore reference I am not using any supports, my parts do not need it. They look a lot like a domino. And I am printing them with the small end on the Build plate. They come out great except for the elephant foot problem. I tried undercutting my last parts with a .3x.3mm notch, same issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



You can use the XYOffset compensation to mitigate the problem.
Set the value for the bottom layers to a negative value; to get smaller cross sections there.
Activate the transition layers if you want it to smooth out over various layers. (it should also be acativated under the movement&exposure tab).

If you want full control, you can also build yourself a formula with the new formula editor.

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