Flawless, pull-off microlattice supports


Kudos where kudos are due. This piece is 90mm tall. The supports are 0.6mm thick. They pulled off flawlessly with no scarring. This is on basic-B Anycubic Photon, using basic-B Anycubic Clear. The lattices are a work of art, performed flawlessly and came clean.


looking good! Great pictures as well!



btw, you do know that you can select the all the feet of a lattice and then it moves the entire column?


Oh yeah otherwise it would look way more messed up. I putzed around with that, created chaos and said “there must be a better way…”


Nice print! I haven’t played with the lattice functions much. So you’re basically just supporting in a couple spots to maintain straightness on the Z axis?


That’s all about keeping the underhangs from turning to goo. You can file 'em clean but it helps if they aren’t pizza dough when you start.