Graphics requirements


I know I should be able to find the graphics requirements, but for some reason I can’t.

I’m a Mac user, and for some time I’ve been able to run Formware fine under VMware Fusion (It’s won’t run under Parallels, just give a blank window). One of my machines is a 2011 Macbook pro suffering from the Radeongate issue. I’ve hardware disabled the Radeon GPU so it’s only using the Intel HD 3000 graphics now for the the built in screen. However, it sits behind my desktop monitors, driving them through a thunderbolt hub and a JUA365 USB3-HDMI adaptor. I’m not sure of the OpenGL or DirectX capabilities of this adaptor. It only has Windows 10 loaded, no MacOS.

I’m getting a blank window, same as running under Parallels

What are the Formware requirements as far as graphics adaptors go?


Hi Fcollingwood,

Graphics requirements are minimal, OpenGL 3.0 or newer, which almost any integrated GPU can provide.

The thunderbolt/HDMI adapter should only pass pixel data so should not have any support issues with OpenGL/DirectX.

Could it be that the thunderbolt port is driven by the GPU you disabled? Are you able to display other applications with the GPU disabled?

Kind regards,



Hi Jan

The disabled GPU did indeed drive the Thunderbolt port - That is why I have a JUA365 USB3->HDMI adaptor plugged into the Thunderbolt hub, with the external monitors plugged into the JUA365.

I think you’ve given me the info I need though, I don’t think the JUA365 supports OpenGL of any flavour