Holes in sliced file


Just trying out Formware 3D. I want to like it. On a model, I’ll get something like 200 islands out of Chitubox that the Photo Validator can’t fix. Same model will have 20 islands in the validator.

So Formware, for me, seems to be a lot better in building supports.

The problem is, I can’t figure out why it’s poking holes in mesh that shouldn’t be there.

Anyone familiar with this?



There can be various reasons.

Most likely:

  1. you are slicing on the GPU engine but you have horizontal holes (errors) in your mesh. You can activate ‘force on CPU slicing’ to fix this.

  2. Less likely, it’s an error somewhere in the messy runtime encodings these lower end printers use. Either on our side of the implementation or in the software that is reading these files.