How to export all settings for a new installation?


When trying to install the latest upload (1.0.42 uploaded 9/2) I get an error saying the software is already installed and needs to be deleted before I install the new update. I currently have the 1.0.42 version uploaded some days earlier (5/2) installed.
Ideally all quickfix releases would get a new version to avoid these installation issues, but how can I export all settings from my current installation in order to transfer them to the new updated version once that is installed? I want to retain both program settings and printer/resin profiles.



Basically just uninstall and click ‘no’ when asked to delete you settings file.
The reinstall the other installer.

I’m aware of the issue with instlaler numbering.
We’re moving to a new system with better numbering coming months; so this won’t be a problem anymore.
Also the auto-updating i’ll have a look at so it automatically downloads the installer for you.



Thanks, worked perfectly.