How to slice to Creality Halot One?


Hello all,

Is it possible to slice to Creality Halot One with this software?




If i’m correct you need .CXDLP files?

Currently we didn’t integrate this yet. Can be done of course.

Do you have an example file that you are printing on your machine so I can have a look?
Can you email this to our info@ mail address?

I will also write creatilty for a format description.

kind regards


Just searched our mailbox and some others enquired about this earlier. They are able to set it up with UVTools.
the format is already integrated in UVTools; this is a free conversion tool on github.

I’ll do my best the coming weeks to add it to our internal format list.
But next week is testing+video’s making, week after that we are on the Formnext trade show.
So it could take 2 weeks.

kind regards


ok. thanks. Let me know when it´s fully functional. I´ll buy the software then.