IMPORTANT: Need a DELAY before light-on


Dear forum users, Dear Elco.

I have several Peopoly NOIR with a very low viscosity - self developed - resin. I have printing problems on bigger parts, e.g. a circle with 4 cm diameter. If the plate goes down with e.g. 50 mm/min the resin is pressed out on the side of the parts … and still when the resin is in flow … the light goes on.

So i urgent need a way to put a DELAY in the GCode before the light goes on. 1) This is not possible with the standard-NOIR-profile, only a delay between the layers is possible, but i need a delay within the layer before the light-on. 2) I tried to use a stanard-printer-profile and filled it with the NOIR´s data. But when i add a “G4 P2000;” or a “DELAY1000;” in the slice-setup-gcode-script nothing happens.

  1. What to do to get a delay before LIGHT-ON?
  2. Where do i get the correct gcode for the NOIR?
  3. Is the GCode-file in the slice-settings saved in the print .cbddlp?

Has anone an idea? Thanks.


As written per email as well. Assuming you are using a chitubox board of some sort that requires the .cbddlp format. These format’s don’t contain any gcode whatsoever. They just contain speed/exposure parameters. It’s entirely up to the firmware on the chitubox board what it will do.



Dear Elco.

Thanks for your answer. I use 5 pcs PEOPOLY PHENOM NOIR.

As i understand the .CBDDLP-V2 format cannot understand GCode.
There is an alternative firmware for CTB format. What is better or different with CTB ?

Thanks so much.


Hi Danner,

CTB is a ‘cleaned’ up newer version of tehe CBDDLP format with another encryption.
There is no benefit in functionality.

In general all these ‘strange’ named files with extension names are in general:

  • exposure time data, axis speeds
  • image data usually in 1 bit per pixel with various encoding schemes.

It is like this so that the hardware requirements can be kept to an absolute minimum and thus the price lower.

If you use a machine with these boards and you want more control over your machine I guess you need different electronics.

If you move up 1 level of machines in price point you get machines that run on things like a Raspberry PI. These usually have a lot more capabilities in terms of running custom GCode and supporting true anti aliased slices.