Invisible part when opening or importing


I switched to a new computer and when loading parts on the new computer, they are invisible. I can see the mesh and problem areas if they are outside the build plate and if I drag the part, I can see the shadow of it but that is it. The only thing different between the two computers is the new one is AMD with AMD GPU and the old one is Intel with Nvidia. I tried installing a version from 18 months ago and was able to see the part but it is not compatible with my printer. Any suggestions?



Yes we know the source of this problem. It’s a bug in the AMD driver (if you ask me).
AMD rewrote the entire OpenGL driver system in their latest update.
We’ve fixed it and will release a patch early next week in our next version.

kind regards


Thanks Elco! Glad to hear you have the problem identified. I’ll use the old computer until a new version is released.