Is it possible start the slicer numbering from a specific number i.e. 131


Hello all,

I include slicer numbers in the file naming but I would like to start the slice numbers from a specific number. The number will not always be the same. Is this possible?

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Hi MarkCK,

no currently not.

What would be the application of this? (why would you want it?)

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Hoi Elco,

Thanks for the quick reply.

Its for variable layer height printing. I currently slice 2 or 3 times (5um, 10um and 40um layer heights) and merge the files together by splitting at specific layers. Printing the whole model at 5um is a bit time consuming. I have created a rough Python script (I am a cut and paste programmer :frowning: ) to help me.

This is for a very specific printer we have just purchased and my company would prefer I not discuss specifics on an open forum. I will send an email with the background information and if you time to look at it that would be much appreciated.




Hi MarkCK,

I think reading your purpose it’s best that you write your logic inside your python script as you can then keep it at 1 place? (makes most sense to me as developer).

Also I think that you don’t need to slice multiple times if you want to speed up the process that way.
Every slice is basically determined at half the layer height. That is mathematically (in my opinion) the best approximation of where you can slice to approximate the model in 2.5D.
i.e. You could just slice on 5um once.
Then say you have layer #10-#20 that you want to speed up the printing; you just pick slice #15 and use that with a thickness of (20-10) * 5 micron = 50 micron. (or whatever aggregation you prefer)

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btw; you can start a small app after slicing automatically; in the workflow tab of the machines you can set that up.
(if you don’t see that tab; please create a new machine from a default machine; that has all tabs and options).

That way you could run your process automatically…