Island detection


Hello, I just started using the software. Regarding the detected islands, I wonder, why is the software not assigning supports to that area? I am not a programmer, so I am probably oversimplifying, but I would have thought, if detecting an island is possible, then it should be possible to place a support there as well?



Yes this is something we are adding/improving.
It should in theory always add a support on a minima; however there are more factors in play:

  • overal support density
  • intersections of model with support.

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Thank you for that.

That is another thing I noticed, the software places supports that intersect with the model. These are easy to fix as well, but of course it would be better if that was detected as well.



In the latest version there is a newly added detection that calculate the exact intersection of supports with models; you can activate it to do it live or run it later on with the ‘print checks’ in the slice menu.

The autosupporting algoritm tries to avoid intersections by optimizing paths; fair to say, this can be improved.

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