Just bought Rocket 1 Pro


I just bought the Rocket 1 Pro on Kickstarter which I should receive in about 1 month. Will you be able to include this type of 3d printer? It is a top-down printer that uses a new style called DLCF (Digital continuous liquid forming).
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Hi Jefree,

I see they are using chitubox in their youtube movie so that should be no problem to export to.
Assuming it’s just layered format printed without delay. My guess; the interpolate from layer image to layer image in gray shades of pixels. Which is a nice trick for sure.

When I look at the machine I do wonder how they manage flatness of the resin. If this is done pure chemical (as they say) it would limit resins to much. So ideally a machine like this has a recoater of some sort.

We’ve done a lot of top down printing back in 2014. The results were not always super accurate… but print failures were pretty low.

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Where did you get from?


You mean the printer?

It was a custom build machine from a company that does not exist anymore. But we did a lot of modifications to make it better. In the end you need a proper recoater for top down printing.