Lgsconverter won't work



I have a huge problem with slicing for my Longer Orange 30.
First I had to change the path for the working directory of lgsconverter from default (external\lgsconverter.exe) to concrete path C:\Program Files (x86)\Formware B.V\Formware 3D\external\lgsconverter.exe, because it wasn’t recognize the default setting (File not found error).

After changing these setting, it showed up the black command line window just for 1 sec or less.

It won’t convert my slice to a lgs30-file.

Any suggestions??



I just retested it on my home laptop. Seems to work without problem.

  1. first slice your work like normal (slice button that looks like play button).
  2. since ‘start program after slicing’ is marked it will ask you to startup the lgsconverter.exe. (got it from Longer).
  3. if you click yes it starts up and shows you the conversion progress 0-100%.

I didn’t change any settings. Just downloaded the Longer30 machine.
Settings below.



got it working with default settings.

Must have changed the settings, reslice, back to defaults and slice again to work properly.


ok thanks for the feedback.