Longer Orange 10


The longer 10 units seem to be having a problem with the lgs converter executable that’s being called from the /external folder. I am seeing a tiled offset when using complex models.
Example: https://slack-files.com/T737NLH71-F014J1C1AUF-cc2190582e
Here you will see first layer png (top), the model in the slicer (middle), and what the output on the printer looks like (bottom).


mmm can also be something wrong in the machine or maybe you are printing to close to the border?

We’ve tested the converter and export and it passed Longer’s test program that they gave us for it… so i have no reason to believe it would be the export from our side…

If you could send me an email I could share with you a default file i received from Longer to check if this works. If this doesn’t work either it would be the machine.
If it does work it can be the conversion.


It interesting, as I have tried the same thing across several slicers, the default (bundled) longerware works fine, It’s also interesting that the resolution of the machine seems to differ in their specs versus converter. You can send the test file to manbehindthemadness(at)gmail.com
I will be happy to give it a spin and post the results.