Machine and print profile dialog at startup



I have 2 Phrozen Sonic 4k printers, and I appreciate to be able to choose which printer and resin I want to print with at startup.

But even if the startup screen dialog let me choose a printer and a print profile, it discards my print profile choice to use the default one.

I attached screenshots : I choose “Phrozen TR250LV…” but I’ve got the “50 micron default”.



You can set a print profile and machine as default. (marked with a star)
Then also make sure the setting is put as below




Hi Elco,

Maybe I wasn’t clear enough but for me, and on all my computers, the “print profile” selection doesn’t work.

In the settings, if I choose : “select last used machine and profile at startup” or “select default machine and print profile at startup” the start dialog seems to follow the settings but not the software afterwards, it keeps to select the first profile on my list, that is to say : "50 micron default " here.


Thank you for your help.


Hi Florian,

This was an issue in V1034/V1033.
In the latest V1035 it’s solved. Not sure if Phrozen updated their installer already.

kind regards,


Hi Elco,

You are right, Phrozen just updated their installer to version 1.0.35 and it works as expected know, thank you.