MacOS support, will it ever come?


Self explanatory.
It would be amazing to finally have MacOS support and I’m sure many more would pay for the software if it did support other platforms. So many programs are multi-platforms…

I asked about this roughly 2 years ago and was told it was planned and being worked on slowly but steadily.
Is this still being worked on, do we have an idea of how much time it may take?

Thank you for your work.



Yes it’s coming. As you write; we’ve been working slowly but steadily. It took over 2 years on and off.
The new UI (cross platform) is running already pretty nicely after a lot of work last 3 months.
We mostly need to work on last details of the UI.

We’ve presented the UI at the formnext tradeshow to whoever was interested. Below a screenshow of the curent state. We plan to compile a beta year end.

The windows native installer will also remain operational; they are build from the same code.
So users can pick what they prefer.

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Thank you for your response, this is great news.
I hope that the development will be done in not too long.
Will we will have access to the beta download once it’s ready?

This screenshot looks very good.
Seems intuitive and simplified. More modern.

Thank you again for your great work.
I am sure that a lot of people will be interested in buying the slicer once it is cross-platform.

Kind regards.


Yes i’ll post it on the forum as well… and send a newsletter.

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Hello! Any updates on this subject?


yes we’re still working on it. Sorry missed your post as it needed approval somehow.
Mac mini is in the office and it’s compiling.

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