Movement & Exposure function supported by Sonic 4K



Am I correct in assuming that Phrozen printers (Sonic 4K in this case) don’t support the following Formware Movement & Exposure functions (framed in red):

I tried them and see no difference in the movement behavior during printing.

When importing the slice job into Formware, and looking at the movement properties, it’s all gibberish, so I can’t tell. I’m on version Tried but it’s no different.

Thank you.



It will depend on the firmware on the machine what it does with it.
Most likely it wont’ work if you dont’ see any changes.

What you might double check is that your output file is set to CTB_SDK. (slice setup tab in the machine config). That makes sure it uses the chitubox SDK that we’ve included in the software. CTB or CTBDLP are older formats that might skip some variables… there have been many versions of these formats, times many different printers with firmware versions…

The gibberish will be gone in the next release coming in a couple of days hopefully

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Ok. I updated to the latest firmware and set Slice Setup to .CTB V4 (SDK) but it hasn’t changed anything. When adding time to Rest Time after Lift (I tried 20 seconds), it doesn’t change the Printing time estimate, so I guess the Sonic 4K doesn’t support this function. Too bad.

Thank you.



Ok. But be sure not to trust the print time estimate. It’s just a variable written out to the .ctb file. I’m not sure if they calculate it in the machine based on real performance (should be).



Time sestimate is always bad.
Better slice something and print without vat and platform to verify how the printer performs.

You can use the free software UVTools to watch parameters in any resin printer file format.