Nesting and Orientation Issues


Hi, just downloaded the software and I am evaluating to see if its something I want to invest in. I am having trouble with what I assume should be basic operations and I am wondering if I am missing something. I have imported 4 different rectangular shaped parts, and tried both nesting and orientation options and the results are not good. Parts end up all over the place, outside the build platform, laying across each other, just generally unusable. Not sure what’s going on, similar functions with the same models in different slicers have more expected results. I have various screenshots but apparently I can only add one…




So judging from the screenshot it’s doing what it should; it’s orienting and putting the ‘largest flat surface’ down on the platform…

I can’t tell for sure what the nesting is doing; but if you only have rectangular shapes i would just pick rectangular nesting and pick a point to place them around. It will nest them based on boundingbox.
Irregular shape nesting in general a bit more error prone and less suited for rectangular shapes.

kind regards