Nova3D Elfin3 Mini beta profile doesn’t work


I’ve been experimenting with the beta profile for the Nova Elfin3 Mini. Currently as configured it does not generate a file that the printer can understand. There were some errors in the setup (which I could fix) and there seem to be differences in the gcode and slice setup file. There are also two additional files in the Formware output that are not present in the Nova3D’s software output.

How can I help Formware correct these issues with the profile?



Ohw that’s interesting. I was sent an example file from another use and I thought I had set it up similar.

Can you email me a file and what has to change? I’ll put it in the template machine then.

kind regards


First off, my first post is not 100% right. After I updated the print profile for 0.03mm I did a dry run with the (not) attached slice file. It worked fine, so the problem is the setup for print profile is not right. I still need to confirm if the axes need to be flipped and I still need to confirm the print profile by printing something. I also need to test the 0.05mm profile. The files are still not 100% the same, but they work. I was going to attach files for you to look at but because this is only my second post the system is not letting me. Is there another way I can get them to you?


I’ve got the files ready to send. Just need an email address.

Note I completed my successful print last night. Print quality was excellent. I can continue to work with the current status but would like to see this profile fixed for the community.

Also would like to see if it’s possible to Formware to move the files over the WiFi connection. This would give me a one stop solution for printing on the Elfin3 Mini.



Hi Mike,

Sure you can just email them to me at our info@ email address. We check it each day.

Can you list what has to change in the profile? Makes it quicker for me to edit.

Regarding the wifi; I don’t have the Nova3d Elfin machines so I can’t check it. But is there a possibility to upload?
We have various upload mechanisms build in; might be just a thing of configuration.

Do you know what hardware the machine is running on?