Off time between layers


I have some questions about “Off time between layers” and “Off time between layers bottom”.
I asume that the “offtime between layers” means the layers after we have reached the last base - or bottom layers and the “off time between layers bottom” only refers to the first 6-10 layers I want to expose with a higher time value.
Is that right?
If I put in following values:
Z Lift Distance 6mm
Z Lift speed 80mm/min / 4,6 s
z Retrac speed 160mm/min / 2,3 s
total up and down / 6,9 s
oftime between layers 12s

it means that I have 5,1 sec without projecting light before the plate lift up again?
Im right???
What could be a reasonable Time for "Phrozen Wax-like Violet Castable Resin"to seattle down and cool a little bit the LCD
Thanks in advance, Mig


Hi Miguel,

I don’t know about the exact specs for the phrozen wax like resin.
It’s a matter of testing; or if you are lucky someone already found out online.

Regarding off time; it’s the time that machine waits normally to let the resin flow back. The parameters are not always used. It depends on the print format you are using.

If you are using a machine that uses the build in GCode scripts -> plesae check the GCode scripts
If you are using a machine that has a single file print job format (i.e. .ctb) you can reload the print job in our latest version to check what parameters are written into the file. (machine dependent)



Hi Miguel,
In FB group for Phrozen there is a calculator for light off time.