Partial image shift with AnyCubic Mono X 6k sliced with FormWare


Hello, I just purchased an AnyCubic Mono X 6k unit. When I slice a validation matrix with FormWare, I get an image shift mostly in the lower half of the print. When I slice the same validation matrix with AnyCubic Photon Workshop with the same settings the print turns out perfect. I will attach both images of the prints



Did you try printing th FW-sliced file again?
That shift could just as well be caused by a poorly fastened build plate.
(Been there, done that… more than once… )


Did you try to open the sliced file to inspect it?

menu -> print jobs -> open printjob

It will then overlay the produced images on top of your 3d files.

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Yes, I inspected it and in Formware it looks just fine however when the printer reads the file the image gets shifted every time. It is consistent.


that’s super strange.

And what happens if you open the pwmb file from Formware into anycubic workshop?

  1. Do you see the same effect inside the file?

I mean; if there is something wrong in our encoding function of the pixel data then it will show there as well.
It could be we overlooked something; the machine does have a very large surface area.

When I slice some models myself with this machine covering the entire build table it looks fine to me.

  1. Can you run the print dry? (without resin) and confirm the image is shifted when it’s projecting? (do you see if on the display as well? (not sure if it had a display with slice preview); otherwise you can try and put a white A4 paper on the machine to view the UV light when it’s projecting. Take a picture with your phone and double check?

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Trygve yes, Ive done that as well thank you. However, Ive ran this test several times.


I will check the pattern on the printer later today. Would you mind running this file on your 6K Anycubic Mono X and see if it is similar to what Im describing?
Thank you, MartinValidation_Anycubic Photon Mono X 6K_2100ms.rar (176.1 KB)

*Edit - I just found a firmware update for the printer that was given to another customer. I downloaded it, flashed the printer and retested the print. So far it looks like the firmware update took care of the problem. However, Im still curious to know if the print turns out good on your printer. Thank you, Martin


did you try using a good flash drive? I also had layer shifts with the included USB stick, but when I switched to a Verbatim drive I had laying around, it stopped shifting layers. Didn’t reflash the firmware on my Photon Mono X 6K


That’s a great idea. After I reflashed, it seems to have stopped, however I know that the flash drives that are included with these units are generally pretty cheap. Also, there are two different motherboards that were used in the 6K unit. One is a H7 unit and the other is a HC unit. I have heard that users with the H7 mb havent had the image shifting issue. I have the HC mb. You actually might have the H7.

Thank you!


great thx for the feedbacks ! Elco