Peopoly Moai 130


I’m using version and, unless I’m misinterpreting the labeling of the build platform in Formware, the way the model prints on the Moai is rotated 90 degrees from what the labeling implies.

This is how my model is oriented on the build platform according to Formware. The bottom of the screencap is labeled “Front” and the left side is labeled “Left”.

This is how it actually prints. I’ve rotated the view so that it is inverted, with the build plate at the top, as it is for the print. The viewpoint is as if you’re looking up at the build plate from the front of the Moai. The orientation of the model is as you’d see it from that viewpoint.

The actual front of the build plate as it is being printed, is the side labeled “Left”, and the left side is the side labeled “Front”. Now that I know about it, I can adjust the orientation of the model to print where I want it to print on the build plate, so there’s no real problem. But I found the labeling confusing and thought it was probably not intentional, or else I’m misinterpreting what the labels are supposed to indicate.


Yes this is something we are aware of and needs to be made more flexible without adding confusion.

In the case of moai i think it’s just a matter of definition of the axis system of the galvo.
So it’s not flipped; it’s just mirrored pointwise in the middle.

I’ll add it to the list to make the labels flexible.


Thanks for the quick reply!


Has the flexible labeling feature been added since the last reply? I have a Moai 130 too and ran into some confusion too.


No not yet. Good that you bring it to our attention; i’ll up the priority of this.

We currently think of the solution to mark 1 side of the build platform as ‘front’. This should keep confusion to a minimum we hope.


Here JPG for 130 and 200 oriented as needed


Great thanks. I uploaded them into our system.

Can you check for me if the orientation is correct?

It puts A now on the origin in our World axis system.


print on going


i confirm the orientation


great thank you for the check :smiley: