Prints are much longer than they should be


I am finding that when I slice with Formware, my prints come out much longer than they should. This is a drain cover but it is like it got shifted and elongated. I have had this with any print I have sliced with Formware but not with Lychee.

I checked to make sure the printer x,y, and z are correct.



Without much further information (printjob file, printer type, software version) we can’t really help you.
But it looks to me like a simple wrong setting somewhere…

Did you check the sliced file? Most formats you can just re-import them (menu -> print job -> import) or with tools like UVTools you can view sliced files and compare.

kind regards


That looks to me like you have a printing file with very fine layers like for example 0,02mm - but the printer uses something 0,1mm or 0,05mm layer setting. I would look into these settings.
I´m pretty sure you´ll find the mistake there … :wink:

Best regards, Chris