Problem with last version


I have corrupted file in my sonic 4k in the last version


mmm that’s bad. Maybe the .ctb files are not backwards compatible.
I will check it. we have the machine here somewhere.
I’m on it.


i’ve uploaded a new installer. It has the variable removed again. Back to how it was.
Apparently there is no backwards compatibility; because our creality machine (also CTB with older firmware) had the same issue.



@formware there are quite a few differences between the v3 and v4 formats (aside from the encryption), bottom retraction is just one of them. There are also the various speed settings for two stage lift and 2 stage retract.

You will probably need to add a v4 .ctb file option as opposed to just updating the current v3 .ctb as the two formats are pretty much incompatible. I know that if you just update the current .ctb option, you will break things quite badly for people like me who have a print farm running machines with both firmware versions (and no, I won’t update the firmware on the v3 machines.)


Yeah probably there are more differences.
It’s not worth the time at this point as we will be including the .ctb sdk in a couple of days.
Hopefully that saves us time to focus on important development instead.